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Cash rewards is changing the face of payment processing – Our legally vetted technology allows businesses to offset their credit card processing costs by applying a small customer service charge to each sale they make. Let PayLo help your business save on credit card fees and enjoy one simple low-cost statement.


Choose from Terminal or POS-enabled cash discount technology, select your service fee and setup your signs. Everything is pre-programmed and ready to go.


PayLo has several options for terminals that come pre-installed with PayLo technology.  Start offering a cash discount right out of the box.


All those service fees add up to thousands in savings every year. Upgrade equipment, give a raise, or just take a much deserved vacation with your fee savings.

See Your Savings

Know that you have options when determining your service fee. In most cases, a flat per-transaction fee is the best method, while other businesses have better results with a percentage-based fee. While we’d prefer to eliminate all your costs, some merchants like to split it with their customers. Try out our savings calculator to see what setup works best for you.


You Can Count On

legal cash discount program requries customers to be notified prior to sale – and we have you covered.  PayLo provides all the signage you need, free of charge.  We also provide you with in-depth employee training, customer education materials and a support hotline to call with any questions.