New Star Payments

4125 Hopyard RD Suite #228 

Pleasanton CA 94588

Office: 925.230.0984

Support: 925.230.0977 ext1

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Bring Customers to your Store

Get your products online instantly.

More customers through your door.

Get started in seconds

Just connect a Pointy box to your barcode scanner,

or if you use one of the POS systems

limited time offer $499.99 instead of $899.00

See if your business type will work with Pointy 

You're up against the big-box retailers and e-commerce giants like Amazon. So how can you build your online presence and get your products online?


New Star Payments has partnered with Pointy to help you reach customers who are searching for your products online. Visit {Marketing Campaign Link} to register your interest and get a discount on the service. Call me on 925-230-0984 or email to learn more.